Conditions of warranty


  • Warranties apply to the physical products purchased from Superyou Tech.
  • Warranties only covers manufacturing defects and exclude:
    • Loss or theft of products
    • Cosmetic damages
    • Wear and tear of products
    • Damages cause by misuse
  • Warranties start from the initial date of shipment from Superyou Tech. 


Warranty coverage periods


Warranty Coverage


1 Year


2 Year


2 Year

Apple Products

1 Year


Warranty claims

Please contact Superyou Tech immediately via email on if you wish to submit for a warranty claim. Superyou Tech will provide instructions on how to proceed with the claim.


Superyou Tech Care & Warranty for Ipads and Ipad Bundles

All iPads purchase under Superyou Care Bundle will come with case and screen protector put on.  

Superyou Tech care provides a warranty and damage protection for your iPad from our AAC bundle for a duration of 2 years of inclusive of two incidents of accidental damage per warranty period.  

The warranty excludes:  

  • Damage caused by deliberate actions, misuse or neglect 
  • Accessories or other devices purchased with your iPad. 

1 hour of clinical support which can include: 

  • Setup the user profile within the communication app 
  • Select the preferred voice for the user 
  • Adjust settings such as access settings, prediction settings etc. 
  • Learn how to add new words to personalise vocabulary  
  • Setup any required restrictions on iPad or app e.g. Guided access, app store permissions, editing permissions. 

Unlimited support to access to Apple Care+  

Please contact Superyou Tech at if you have any more questions.