Superyou Tech Support Packages

Welcome to the Superyou Tech Support Packages!

Superyou Tech offers a range of expert therapy support packages to assist therapists in effectively implementing high-tech assistive technology solutions for their clients. Our team of experienced clinicians are dedicated to helping therapists enhance their clients' lives by optimizing assistive technology use.  

The range of AT we support includes: 

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) 
  • Alternative access including switch, eye gaze or touch screen for AAC, learning or recreation 
  • Mounting  
  • Computer Access hardware and software 
  • Gaming  
  • Environmental control (technology to control home environment) 

Support Package Options  

We work with you to tailor the support package to your needs. Here are some examples of packages we can offer: 

Consultation Support (From 2 hours): 

Ideal for therapists seeking best practice advice on high-tech assistive technology for their client.

This package includes a video consultation with a skilled Superyou Tech therapist.

This session will be used to discuss of client needs and provide assessment ideas, goal setting, implementation ideas or training. An email is sent summarising the information provided.

Implementation Support (From 6 hours including travel): 

Suitable for therapists with knowledge of their client's needs but lacking time or technical skills to implement the prescribed AT.

Superyou Tech clinicians visit clients and handle device setup, customization, and software adjustments of the assistive technology. The package includes a summary report with maintenance advice and troubleshooting tips. 

Currently available in the Perth Metropolitan area only.  

Assessment Support (From 12 hours including travel): 

This package is designed for therapists with limited experience in high-tech assistive technology prescription.

Superyou Tech clinicians will collaborate with primary therapists to conduct face to face comprehensive client assessments over 1-2 sessions.

We then use this information to shortlist the most appropriate assistive technology solutions for clients. Support is provided to help primary therapists plan and execute high-quality assistive technology trials. 

Currently available in the Perth Metropolitan area only.


Superyou Tech accepts NDIS Capacity Building funding and other funding services to make our support packages accessible. We work with our sister company, Superyou Therapy, to provide a quote and create a service agreement. 

Make a referral: 

To request a Superyou Tech support package complete the referral form. Once your referral is processed an individualised quote for services is developed to be shared with the client/family for consideration.  Click here to make a referral.

Unsure about which package suits your needs? We offer a complimentary 15-minute phone conversation to discuss your goals and help you make an informed choice. Contact to schedule a phone call at a time that suits you.