What makes Superyou Tech different to other AT Providers? 

Superyou Tech has one goal: to help people access their world.  

But it’s not enough to simply want to help people with disability. We also know that the assistive technology sector has its own challenges, that aren’t being solved by existing providers.  

Superyou Tech was created by a group of passionate, experienced clinicians who think that all aspects of Assistive Technology can be improved for both professionals and users, across not only the supply of new technology, but the sharing of expertise, and the provision of support. 

Here's how Superyou Tech helps you
At Superyou Tech...

We know you want your assistive technology fast

We know that once you or your client find the right solution, you don’t want to wait months or weeks for it to arrive. That’s why Superyou Tech innovated our delivery system to get your technology to you within five business days or less*. 

* from payment, stock dependent

How does Superyou Tech do this?

We want you to be comfortable with assistive technology

Superyou Tech makes a point of ensuring health professionals have the right support when it comes to providing and educating clients in the use of Assistive Technology. We offer support from highly experienced AT Experts, directly to you on a one-one one basis on all our products.

Learn from the AT specialists

We’re all about sharing our expertise

The assistive technology world changes every day, and Superyou Tech changes with it. We provide professional development to all clinicians who want to broaden their knowledge on AT, and run courses regularly. Learn more with our Superyou Tech VIP Club.

Your continuing professional development

We continuously innovate and expand our range of products & services

Superyou Tech is constantly adding the latest new products from around the world and making them available to you and your clients. In addition, we’re always creating new methods of improving the experience of AT for you and your clients.