What is Voiceitt?

Voiceitt is software that learns your speech patterns and uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to interpret your non-standard speech. It is a web-based application you can use directly from the browser on your smart phone, tablet, and desktop device.

Voiceitt is ideal for individuals who:

  • have consistent pronunciation, but have difficulty being understood by others.
  • have intact language (they say what they intend).
  • experience mild to moderate severity; they can be understood by familiar listeners but not unfamiliar listeners.
  • are socially motivated and interested in exploring new technology!

Relevant NDIS Funding Categories

Voiceitt is provided as a 12-month subscription service which can be funded by either of these NDIS Support Categories:

  • Consumables (Core Supports)
  • Assistive Technology (Capital Supports)

For more information on how NDIS funds subscription services please refer to the NDIS Assistive Technology, Home Modifications and Consumables Code Guide.

Voiceitt falls under Low Cost/Low Risk Assistive Technology category.

For more information on funding categories please refer to the NDIS Assistive Technology Explained website.

Voiceitt Payments

  • 12 months subscription for $1299.
  • New users receive a 30-day free trial from Superyou Tech.

Voiceitt uses a subscription model of funding for the following reasons:

- It allows you to log into your Voiceitt profile on any device that has a web-browser and internet access so you can choose the device that suits your needs. Voiceitt can also be used on multiple devices, therefore if you want to use Voiceitt on your mobile phone, desktop computer and tablet you will not need to purchase additional software products.

- The subscription allows Voiceitt to continue to make improvements, introduce new features and run automatic updates. You will not be pestered to update your software or upgrade your purchase when a new feature is available.

- A 12-month subscription ensures that Voiceitt is reviewed annually to make sure it is still meeting your needs. Voiceitt understands that your speech can change over time, and you may need different supports. An annual subscription provides the opportunity to reflect on your use of Voiceitt and either seek extra advice or renew your subscription to continue using Voiceitt supportive features.

- NDIS promotes the uses of subscription service. Please refer to NDIS Pricing Arrangement and Price Limits (Page 34) for detail of subscription funding.

What’s Included in a Voiceitt Subscription?

The Voiceitt Subscription includes access to Voiceitt software on each of the user’s devices for a 12-month period.

You also receive support from Superyou Tech’s team of experienced Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists, who are committed to helping you learn, train, and set up Voiceitt to suit your needs.

Support may be provided remotely or face to face as needed. Contact Superyou Tech to discuss how we can help.

Phone: 1300 327 828
Email: hello@superyoutech.au

How to Access Voiceitt

You can obtain a quote/invoice for Voiceitt here.

Each quote/invoice will have instructions for how to proceed with purchasing via your NDIS funds.

If you wish to make a direct purchase, you can add the Voiceitt subscription to your cart and pay via credit card here.

If you need a letter of support for Voiceitt, please contact your Occupational Therapist or Speech Pathologist.

Access this information as a PDF here.

For any further information, please contact us on hello@superyoutech.au